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Health & Safety

Ensure your business is compliant with your legislative requirements. HC Training takes the pain out of compiling your statutory documents.

Manual Handling Training

We covers a range of topics in order to instill confidence to risk assess manual handling tasks and perform these tasks safely within the workplace.

Risk Assessment

We use a systematic process of evaluating the potential risks that may be involved in a projected activity, undertaking or businesses.

Emergency First Aid

Emergency first aid care is essential to dealing with accidents that happen in the workplace of home. Let HC Training provide you professional advice.

Safety Statements

Need a Safety Statement for your business? Then HC Training can provide a customised statement tailored to your situation.

Food Safety - (HACCP)

If you are involved in the food industry we can help ensure that all of your operations are compliant with modern day regulations.

Pregnancy Risk Assessment

Once an employee informs the employer in writing that they are pregnant or breast feeding, a Pregnant Employees Risk Assessment must be carried out.

Fire Safety

HC Training provides a comprehensive range of fire training consultancy and courses that cover everything from basic safety right through to fire warden instructor training.

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We are an Irish owned business based in Dublin offering training and consultation services for within the health and safety industry. Relevant education and practical skills are something that we endeavor to instill in every student that passes through our doors.

We work closely with the governing bodies to ensure our courses are up to date and are equipping our clients with the necessary skills needed to foster health and safety in the workplace.

We also provide a comprehensive risk assessment consultancy for customers looking to make sure their place of business is safe for all their staff and potential customers.

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